Luxury, in essence, is about exclusivity, and having access to something that is truly unique. Nowadays, with fast fashion and designer knock-offs being so prevalent in the market, this ideology is becoming less viable, and certainly less pervasive. However, there are those that still value quality and great design—and have the spending power to get their hands on a straight-off-the-runway, “It” item. But even then, the time frame that these must-have designer pieces are allotted (usually six months) doesn’t substantiate the hefty cost. Also, many don’t have access to the really good stuff, the editorial pieces that are usually meant to be a showpiece. This is why the masses have taken to borrowing items from Rent The Runway and Bag, Borrow Or Steal, websites that lend pieces for a fee. That said, their selection veers more toward the commercial, less statement-worthy goods.

Filling this void is Armarium, a premiere service for on-call luxury, where invite-only members can gain access to a virtual treasure trove of designer, couture-like pieces. For a fee, selected clients can lease sought-after apparel and accessories from the premier brands in the industry, including Nina Ricci, Marchesa, Robert Cavalli, Vionet, Salvatore Ferragamo, Lee Savage and many more.

“For years, we’ve talked about how hard it is to find statement pieces from runways to wear to events or even to dinner with friends,” said co-founder Alexandra Lind Rose, a fashion designer and former style entrepreneur, in a statement. “That’s when we started thinking about how we could solve this issue, and the idea for Armarium was born,” said the other co-founder and CEO Trisha Gregory, the former director of public relations at Salvatore Ferragamo.

Both are industry veterans who have nearly 20 years experience between them, which means that their Rolodexes are filled to the brim with the who’s who in fashion. Using this to their advantage, they created the Style Brigade—a team of stylist and experts that are available for hire via Skype, showroom appointments, or private residences for those living in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. These experts are able to dress clients for all categories—from a fabulous excursion in the Bahamas to glamorous black-tie gala— using the carefully curated collection provided by Armarium.