About Us

The Global Retail Alliance


The Global Retail Alliance (GRA) is makes up world’s largest and most representative retail industry network, providing the latest insights and delivering tailor made services that provide the fundamental insights needed to successfully navigate today’s increasingly complex business-to-shopper (B2S) environment.

The alliance comprises an interconnected, global network of retailers, brands, agencies, suppliers, manufacturers, design firms, management and consulting businesses, and academic institutions. Our mission is to inform our members of the changes influencing the outlook of retail markets, by educating, advocating, and building connections between members, through insights conducted from studies, conferences and summits, networking events, and recognition awards.

Our Members

Members are briefed daily with news and informational reports and have access to our global virtual library, dedicated to retail and marketing. We also connect our associates to our international knowledge center to access the most relevant global retail literature, conferences, and events, in collaboration with our partners.

With offices and ambassadors in markets across continents, we are able to advise and provide information to our members on both the local and international level.

Still thinking? Join the one association that offers a service for each and every one of your needs.

Member Services

Global Retail Alliance is an association able to aid in all the international needs of your business community thanks to an international team focused on collecting and creating content specifically designed for the global retail community.

AREAS of interest:

• News from the major markets;

• Presentations collected during conferences and summits, organized all over the world;

• Studies and papers;

• Articles from the most interesting trade magazines;

Global Retail Alliance is able to provide assistance in the local retail market as well as sustain the growing need for external information necessary for international growth.

Companies already operating in foreign markets, interested in expanding their business, and those who want to use international info as inspiration for initiatives in their own country are just a few examples of the companies that will have different benefits as members of the global association.


GRA has partnered with the most important global retail events and conferences in order to offer these great opportunities to its members.

We hope you all will have the chance to take part to these educational, as well as inspiring, events